Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Rick Relyea
    Professor: Biological Sciences
  • Jonas Braasch
    Director: Center for Cognition, Communication and Culture
  • Jennifer Hurley
    Assistant Professor: Biological Sciences
  • Mimi Katz
    Associate Professor: Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Thomas Morgan
    Chief Scientist: Institute for Data Exploration and Applications
  • Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer
    Associate Director: Darrin Fresh Water Institute
  • Kevin Rose
    Acting Director: Jefferson Project
  • Kathleen Ruiz
    Associate Professor: Arts
  • Glenn Saunders
    Senior Research Program Director: Center for Automation Technologies and Systems
  • Shayla Sawyer
    Associate Professor Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering
  • Morgan Schaller
    Assistant Professor: Earth and Environmental Sciences

IBM Research

  • Harry Kolar
    Jefferson Project Associate Director, IBM Fellow, Environmental Science
  • Guillaume Auger
    Research Staff Member
  • Michael Henderson
    Research Staff Member
  • Michael Kelly
    Jefferson Project Research Scientist, Sensors and Embedded Platforms
  • Randy Kubich
    Technical Project Manager
  • Vincent Moriarty
    Research Scientist
  • Tony Praino
    Chief Engineer/Chief Meteorologist - Weather Group/Deep Thunder - Smarter Energy & Environmental Science
  • Mukul Tewari
    Research Staff Member
  • Lloyd Treinish
    IBM Distinguished Engineer; Chief Scientist - Environmental Modelling, and Chief Scientist, Deep Thunder

The Lake George Association

  • Jeff Killeen
    Board Chair
  • Eric Siy
    Executive Director
  • Chris Navitsky
    Lake George Waterkeeper

Science Advisory Board

  • Greg Boyer
    Professor: Department of Chemistry, SUNY ESF
  • Kathy Cottingham
    Professor of Biological Sciences: Dartmouth College
  • Jeff Lape
    National Water Program Expert
  • Mark Schildhauer
    Director of Computing: National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
  • Michael Vanni
    Professor of Biology: Miami University
  • Robyn Wilson
    Associate Professor: Risk Analysis and Decision Science