Director's Message

Rick Relyea
Rick Relyea, Director, DFWI

Welcome to the Darrin Fresh Water institute! While our history is in water-related research, DFWI was elevated to a University Center in 2016 to reflect the fact that our researchers work on a very wide range of topics related to environmental issues and applications. This work ranges from foundational advances in science and engineering—with a goal of better understanding the natural world—to very practical applications to help solve real-world challenges. As a Center at Rensselaer, we take a holistic and integrated approach by involving researchers from across the entire campus, including departments in Biological Sciences, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, Science & Technology Studies, Cognitive Science, Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, the Arts, and the School of Architecture. We also collaborate with many of the other Centers at Rensselaer, with expertise in Engineering, Big Data, and Data Visualization. This integrated approach makes the research far more interesting and, inevitably, more impactful. It also allows our researchers to attract a diversity of funding sources, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and industry.

Rick Relyea
David M. Darrin ’40 Senior Endowed Chair
Director, Darrin Fresh Water Institute (2014-2022)
Director, Jefferson Project (2014-2022)