The Darrin Fresh Water Institute's publications prior to 2015 are archived in RPI's Folsom Library. The archive is broken into the 5 categories listed below:

  • DFWI Scientific Papers: includes research articles and other material published in scientific literature.
  • DFWI Reports: Reports done by staff or those affiliated with the center regarding ongoing projects with DFWI
  • DFWI Theses: consists of Ph.D. dissertations and Master's theses completed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy campus, supported by the Institute
  • DFWI Public Relations Material: consists of video clips of news reports and interviews regarding Institute research over the years. The archive also contains talks and speeches given by DFWI faculty and research staff.
  • DFWI Photo & Video Archive: contains our photo gallery and video archive of various DFWI research projects and Institute history.

Access the DFWI Folsom Library Archive