Teaching and Research Facility

Teaching and Research Facility
Bolton Landing

The teaching and research facility at Bolton Landing consists of a wide variety of specialized laboratories and equipment resources for individuals performing professional-level research, and many of these features are available to students. On-site resources include an analytical chemistry lab, a microbiology lab and a large teaching lab that will accommodate a class of 12-15 students.  The lower levels of the Bolton facility also house several V.I.P. labs which provide a private space for visiting scientists from across the U.S. and abroad who are working on ecological/limnological research.


  • Water Chemistry Labs – We maintain several labs devoted to analytical chemistry. We provide water testing for researchers as well as for residents and businesses around the region. Analyses include chemical and physical parameters, including pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, and nutrients.
  • Microbiology Lab - In this lab, bacterial constituents of aquatic systems are cultured, isolated and examined. Equipment includes incubators, plating systems, and an anaerobic hood.
  • Research and Teaching Wet Lab – The teaching Lab is used for both research and educational activities and includes abundant bench space for multiple groups to work.
  • Microscopy Lab – To identify aquatic organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye, we have several types of microscopes, including flourescence, inverted plankton, dissecting, and video microscopy.