Summer Internships at DFWI

Intern working at DFWI

Come join us for a unique experience in the Adirondacks of New York. An internship at Darrin Fresh Water Institute brings with it a wealth of knowledge and learning coupled with the experience of working with a team of people dedicated to research, education, and answering questions to issues on the forefront of the scientific community.

Summer internships are paid positions with the Institute, working on research programs which will provide successful applicants with experience in collection of water chemistry data, laboratory analyses, and field research experience.

Intern on microscopeAn internship with DFWI gives students the opportunity to:

  • develop research skills in both the laboratory and field
  • work with different types of research equipment including the operation of small boats, trucks, field sampling equipment, and analytical equipment in the lab.
  • develop working relationships with students and professionals from the RPI community and beyond.
  • gain confidence with their future and career path.

So don't wait any longer, apply for an internship with DFWI today and start the experience of a lifetime!

Interns at DFWIFor internships with DFWI at the Bolton Landing Facilities on Lake George, NY, please contact Larry Eichler.

For other inquiries about internship and volunteer opportunities at DFWI or on with us on campus, please contact us.